Last update 09/08/2022

SuperflexPy in the scientific literature

This page lists the scientific publications presenting SuperflexPy or using it in specific applications.


If you use SuperflexPy for your publication, please open an issue in the GitHub repository so we will add it to this page.

Previous publications on FLEX and Superflex

  • Fenicia, F., Savenije, H. H. G.,Matgen, P., and Pfister, L.: Understanding catchment behavior through stepwise model concept improvement, Water Resources Research, 44, W01402,, 2008.
  • Fenicia, F., Kavetski D., and Savenije H. H. G.: Elements of a flexible approach for conceptual hydrological modeling: 1. Motivation and theoretical development, Water Resources Research, 47(11), W11510,, 2011
  • Kavetski, D., and Fenicia F.: Elements of a flexible approach for conceptual hydrological modeling: 2. Application and experimental insights, Water Resources Research, 47(11), W11511,, 2011

Publications on SuperflexPy

  • Dal Molin, M., Kavetski, D., and Fenicia, F.: SuperflexPy 1.3.0: an open source framework for building, testing and improving conceptual hydrological models, Geosci. Model Dev.,, 2021.

Publications using SuperflexPy

  • Jansen, K. F., Teuling, A.J., Craig, J. R., Dal Molin, M., Knoben, W. J. M., Parajka, J., Vis, M., and Melsen, L. A.: Mimicry of a conceptual hydrological model (HBV): what’s in a name?, Water Resources Research, 57, e2020WR029143., 2020.