Last update 03/05/2021


SuperflexPy is implemented using Python 3 (version 3.7.3). It is not compatible with Python 2.

SuperflexPy is available as a Python package at PyPI repository

The simplest way to install SuperflexPy is to use the package installer for Python (pip). Open the operating system command prompt and run the command

pip install superflexpy

To upgrade to a newer SuperflexPy version (when available), run the following command

pip install --upgrade superflexpy


SuperflexPy requires the following Python packages

All dependencies are available through pip and will be installed automatically when installing SuperflexPy.

Note that Numba is required only if the modeler wishes to use the Numba optimized implementation of the numerical solvers. GPU acceleration (CUDA) is currently not supported but will be explored in future versions.